engaging and fun piano lessons in stone oak

“Stone Oak Piano is the best piano studio in San Antonio. As someone who has had 3 different piano instructors, Ms. Susan Hong is the best by far. As a student of 5 years, I can affirmatively say that Ms. Susan has done an excellent job at shaping and developing my skills as a pianist, all the while giving the creative freedom and leeway to experience e and familiarize myself with a multitude of genres and musical styles. Had it not been for her, I would have never discovered my love for the romantic era of music.” -Louis Whitworth

Take the confusion out of learning with Accelerated Piano lessons in Stone Oak.

Susan Hong, NCTM (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, B.A. in Piano Performance) has over 25 years of experience as a piano teacher.

In your Stone Oak piano lessons, you will not only learn to play piano but you will learn to compose music, study music appreciation, history, ear training, theory and technique.

Why You Will Love Stone Oak Piano Lessons!

Learn to Read Music Efficiently

Our Piano Lessons in San Antonio, TX dramatically improve sight-reading skills. Sight-reading is the number one skill that students truly need in order to learn music quickly. Our students become intuitive sightreaders a majority of the time.

Be Proud of Your Progress

Students learn to self-evaluate: their piano teacher trains the student to know when they have learned. This develops students who are extremely independent and can take pride in the hard work they have done to reach their goals.

Move Forward Faster

Our students are taught in a manner that promotes independence from the very beginning. Our accelerated piano lessons in San Antonio, TX help students to learn more music each week, which translates into faster completion time.

Make Practice Fun

Our students are taught effective practice skills from the very beginning. This means that home practice is all about review and increasing speed. This greatly minimizes (and in some cases even eliminates) the need for parental supervision of practice at home!